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Equipment for INNOvative FABrication

INNOFAB is a new technical company founded by professionals having experience of in creation and modernization of complete technological technical facilities in the areas such as:

- automotive;

- aviation;

- consumer electronics;

- industrial equipment and electronics;

- medical equipment;

- etc.


We are engaged in the development and implementation of complex projects of creation of modern production of electronics, electrical engineering and others, which require new approaches to the organization of processes with reduced influence of human factor on the result. The subject of the project may be a separate area and the enterprise.


Our team has over 10 years of experience building production, optimization of production, introduction of new technologies and the possibility of attracting the best domestic and foreign experts to audit the production and creation of unique solutions for domestic companies.


Engineering allows the company to present comprehensive information about the objectives, timing and cost of the proposed works and shows the expected financial result.


The systematic approach that we use in our projects based on five elements: Research + Planning + Design + Equipment supply + Support. The first elements of the formula include audits, careful preliminary planning and estimation, which prevent any mismatches, as well as help to optimize the improvement processes and ensure failure-free operation of equipment. The pre-study findings used in:

- consulting on construction and upgrade of industrial buildings;

- equipment supply;

- supervision for installation and commissioning;

- training;

- after-sales warranty service;

- post-warranty support.


INNOFAB cooperating with leading manufacturers of equipment and materials. We adhere to the principle of integrity in providing our services to customers, partners and suppliers.


Our mission is to provide competitiveness of production of domestic enterprises by applying the latest production technologies.

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